April 30, 2004


Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

DEVO 1980 College.

Devo was all the rage. I was in love with Devo. Still am. Back then I bought every DEVO album there was to buy..cd's did not exist then. I still have then. I even had one of those red flower pots for my head that they wore --really called the energy done--and WHIP IT! was my theme song. To this day it is one of my most favorite songs to listen to. The price of the energy dome was $10.00 back then. Now I see it is $30 on the website. (Inflation) I was thinking of buying another. Yep that is right ..in my forty's and wanting to wear a DEVO energy dome. About a year or so ago I did go out and buy the entire Devo collection on CD so that I would have them to listen to now.

Also big with me were the Plasmatics- WHO can forget the black eletrical tape on the nipples? The B-52's, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer and Ring My Bell by Anita Ward were also huge.

Being in college of course, I went thru my phase as a punk rocker for about 6 months. Black leather, dog collars with spikes, ripped fishnet hose, purple streaks in the hair. It was just for fun..just to dress up to go dancing to disco and Devo. I was not immersed in it as I have always been straightlaced and I was raised that way. Still am.

I remember going to one of my first fraternity parties. Themed of course. It was a bathtub gin party. I have never had it before. The frat brothers literally made it in the upstairs bathtubs. It was red and had all sort of fruit in it--apple and orange slices. Well I tried a sip and it was very strong. I could not drink that. Not much of a drinker and never have been. i decided to have the fruit.

Well. NOONE told me that the fruit soaked up the alcohol. After about 6 apple slices I was feeling quite ill. One of my friends who had wondered off--they had brought me to the party--told me about the apples all tooooo late. I was hugging the toilet bowl soon after that in one of the down stairs bathrooms. I did feel better after that...stayed for just a little longer and then went home.

I never had that bathtub gin again in any form even though it was served many , many times in the course of the 4 years I was in college. No.. I was too busy doing the pony and whipping it to whip it!



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