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You've gotta dance like there is nobody watching, Love like you will never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth. ~~William Purkey


"I can sum up just about everything I have learned about life in three words: it goes on." Robert Frost

Life Happens

Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statute!.

April 27, 2015

Bruce Jenner and His Transformation

Bruce Jenner!  What can I say. I believe that he has been trapped in the wrong body for a long time but did it have to take multiple wives to find that out?  I watched the tv interview on and off and he looks weird!  A hot mess.  to each his own. 
The annoying thing is that I cannot figure out why he will now get a reality show about his transformation. REALLY?  Is that even necessary?  Chaz Bono and others who transformed did not get a show.  Will anyone really watch it or will it be so strange that people cannot look away?
I do not think he needs anymore publicity or trends on social media.  There  are far more important things that the world needs to focus on with now.  People are suffering and dying in the world and they are not getting the press that they need.  A sex change on a washed up celebrity athlete is more news! Sad!
Nepal just had an earthquake, human trafficking seems to be at an all time high and #blacklivesmatter doesn't really matter.  There are bigger fish to fry and far more important issues than a sex change.  The world is a messed up place and this just proves it.

April 12, 2015

3 Cuppa Day

So far is has been a three cuppa day.  I went to the beach this morning before dawn and even though I was wrapped up I still got a chill.  Even now I have that same chill and I left and got home about 9AM.  Its 2:30 pm now.  I arrived there around 7ish this morning and it was cold.  Cold and the wind was blowing.  I wore a dress.  My legs were fine. It was my upper body that eventually got the chill. I did also walk in the water.  I took off my shoes and braved a cold tidal pool to collect a starfish. 

A few weeks ago it was on the news that starfish had been blown in our direction by the wind.  Since then, they have been found on our beaches.  The first week there were starfish by the thousands.  The ebb of them have subsided.  I went hoping that I would find one but did not think I would.  It was kind of crazy because there was a family walking ahead of me on the edge of the tidal pool and all of a sudden the father bent down and just plucked a starfish from the ground!  Really? I had been walking the other side of the beach for an hour before that happened.  Well, then I decided I had better look for one.  There was not one at all on the side were all walking on. 

I then decided to look across the tidal pool and see if I could see any there.  No one was on that side walking. About 5 minutes later I saw one!  Excitement!  The immediate problem was how to get it.  For me to get around to the other side of the pool I would have to walk quite a ways and come back to it.  I looked behind me and another beach comber was approaching me where I was.  I looked down at my shoes. I did not have on the right pair.  Coming to the beach this morning was a whim.  I had not planned it.  I had on my black, suede clogs.  Those  are not beach shoes.

The lady behind me was coming with her plastic bag full of things she had already found.  It was decision time.  Off came the shoes and I waded about 6 feet through icy cold water to get the starfish on the bottom of the tide pool.  Score!  I waded back and of course my feet were wet and sandy. choice.  I put the shoes back on. 

I debated whether to put the starfish back but, in the end I decided to keep it.  I did walk  the beach for another hour and then headed home.  I've been drinking hot cuppas and been wrapped up in a blanket ever since. Three cups of earl grey. I think I will go put on a sweater in a bit. I might just have to heat up the German mulled wine that you drink warm.  I got two bottles of that for Christmas.  Today will be the day to break the seal. 

Out to run a few errands then back.  Movies, mulled wine and a blanket.  That will be the rest of my day. 

The Nile Monitor is Invading Florida

Nile Monitor lizard Florida

I was reading the news this weekend and came across this article about the monitor lizards that are invading Florida.  Sad!  I had an exotic pet that I bought from the pet store because it was mislabeled.  You know..that albino frog!  I knew that I could not get rid of it or turn it loose anywhere.  I kept that frog until it died.

It really bugs me that people just turn these exotic pets loose.  They are not thinking at all of the impact to the environment.  Look at the pythons!  They have taken over Florida and are eating everything in site.  The fact that the monitor is here is scary.  They have been known to attack humans.  I will have to do research but are not they deadly to us.  Venomous?  Apparently they are not eating pets..cats in particular. 

Hard to believe because cats are hard to catch.  It will be time to move when you see these roaming freely in your back yard or in the woods.

in the Sky...

April 07, 2015

Officer Charged wth Murder in the Death of Walter Scott

Another sad day.  It has come out by video, thank god!, that Walter Scott was gunned down by the officer who shot him.  He was shot 8 times in the back as he ran away from the officer. IH watched the video and it looked like he was dead as soon or even before he hit the ground. There was no movement and even when the officer was yellow hands behind back there was no movement at all.  The officer moved his hands behind his back and cuffed them. It looked like he was cuffing a dead man.  So horrible and needless.  And then it gets worse.  The office goes back to the car and gets his taser and drops in next to the body of Walter Scott to add some credibility to the story that Walter Scott was trying to use his taser against him.  Lies!  All lies!

The officer has been charges with murder.  It is clear that is was just a senseless murder of another innocent black man.  Yes he was running but I am sure that Walter Scott already knew that he was going to be killed so he was trying to get away.  I just thank God that someone was there and taping!  Otherwise the lies the officer was telling would never have come out.  He would have been a free man.  Running does not justify 8 bullet in the back. 

When will it end? When will the release of innocent black men also end after they have spent most of their lives in jail? New DNA results show innocent black en have just been locked up.   How many innocent black men have died already?  Been executed already?  When will the injustice stop?

#BlackLivesMatter   I just wonder when the rest of the world will begin to believe it too.  #walterscott

March 28, 2015

American Horror Story: A Look

I do not have cable tv.  I got rid of it in 1995 when my daughter was two.  We were never at home to watch it.  There are many shows I would love to watch and even the BBC and Scifi channels...but...still I am never home to watch that much tv.  Thus, when I do want to catch up on a show I normally go to the library, many seasons later and check then all out and have a marathon.  Luckily the library is only 1 to 2 seasons behind on any show so I can keep up fairly well. I was just able to see American Horror Story: The Coven.  It recently came in at the library.

I must say that this entire series is decidedly odd and at many times disturbing.  Coven, I believe was the most disturbing, most gory so far.  The story line was good but some parts were definitely unexpected.  Kathy Bates, love her, was great.  I will never forget her in Misery.  Angela Bassett was excellent as well.  Funny, hell was what each person dreaded the most. 

I have always been a horror fan since I was a child.  Horror has changed since I was a child.  It has become much more graphic. It was more psychological when I was a child.  Less gore but it messed with the mind more. I still have not gotten over The Exorcist.  That was terrifying to my soul.  Can't even watch it today.  It and Pennywise the I hate clowns and mimes!  And sicfi could be just as horrifying and even it has become more graphic and gory.  Who was not just horrified about what soylent green was??  The birds from The Omen, Rosemary's baby....and more.  I always tell my daughter that she needs to see the originals.  Not the remakes of those classic tales.  The were the best and the creepiest.  They don't have all the blood and gore of todays  horror or scifi but they are just as good.

If I am not mistaken there are 2 more seasons of American Horror Story done that have not made it to the library on DVD.  Well, all things in good time. 

March 27, 2015

Go Alone

This week the awful story of the Germanwings plane being crashed into the Alps was everywhere.  As it turned out, the plane was deliberately crashed by the pilot, Andreas Lubitz.  As it turned out he was declared unfit for duty and apparently  was having mental health issues.  If you are having all those troubles why take innocent people with you?

If you want to take your one life, go alone.  Take it alone. Don't take others with you.  Why take all those innocent people with you?  It makes no sense.  There was also some sort of illness that he was suffering with.  It has not been made public what it was as of this post.

There was an 8 minute descent. I cannot imagine what that was like except for sheer terror. According to reports there was screaming passengers.  How awful. The only good thing was that all died on impact.  No suffering, no burning, no drowning or having to fend against sharks. 

There is an awful lot of misery in the world.  If you have miserable seek help.  Don't harm innocent people and if you choose ot take your life, go alone.  ALONE!

March 22, 2015

Dreaming of Alligators

Dreams. What are they made of?  Mine were made of gators last night.  The odd thing is that I have had this dream before.  Or rather a version of it.  I did not remember it until I was back in the dream early this morning.  It was a calm dream.  A good dream.  I was on a trip. On a cruise with a lot of other people and we were all going to a place way out in the middle of the ocean were gators lived.  Once a year hundreds of thousands of alligators congregate way out in the middle of the ocean to mate and to fly! FLY!  Yes.  It was amazing.  They would leap in the air and fly over and above the ocean and the boat.  It was magical as this was the only place in the world where they could fly. 

We were all dressed in our evening gowns and men in tuxedoes sipping champagne up on the upper decks viewing the flying.  It was amazing.  Then suddenly I was home and there were regular gators around all over that we had to forever be careful of.  In the yards to take our pets, if we left our doors open they would come in the house.  I remember having to fight one to stop him from getting to my cat. My cat MiHa who came back to me in this dream, who died back in 2000 after being my most beloved pet for 14 years.  It was good to see her again and to see her happy and with me.  I still miss her. 

Sipping champagne in an evening gown on a cruise ship watching flying alligators.  Visiting with my beloved kitty! That was a reoccurring dream worth having.