May 26, 2004

Sex-What is It?

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Summer 1973

The sex talk. Doesn't everyone get one from your mom or pop? I think it depends on the era in which you are raised. I got some wishy washy, vague answer when I asked. It was never explained to me. In my youth sex was taboo. Noone talked about it. I did get the standard filmstrips in health class so I did get basic information that way. It is not the best way. Parents should talk to their kids about sex. So that they get the correct perspective at least once. I plan to go a better job communicating with my kids. When I got to college (and I was a very late bloomer) I read books to get the real story about sex.

These days you have to communicate. Sex is everywhere and it is out in the open. What could be a seemingly innocent family sitcom on tv can be loaded with sex--and not necessarily good for young children to watch. We all know about the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.

Music these days are loaded with sex talk. Artists today have to make 2 versions of songs..the real version and the edited version without the curse words. Thank goodness for Walmart who carries the edited version. Even that is not really enough because the entire song could be about sex--all with a good dance beat! Can we all say together Missy Elliott(just one of many) who has lots of sex loaded songs. One of her songs on the Under Construction cd talks about coochie not failing her now! I got introduced to Missy when my nephew sent my child a burned cd. I had not really heard of her. It just sounded like dance wrap music. I offered to play it in the car soon after she got it. Once I heard the words I had to make that cd disappear!

These days talk about body parts are everywhere..even on the radio as talk shows. Sue Johansen is just one I can think of. I have not heard the show but my coworkers have commented on it. She hosts the Sunday Night Sex Talk Show. Body parts being talked about openly is common place. Penis, Vagina, Johnson, Hooters...anything goes these days. Gone are the days when sex was never talked about. Now I worry about getting to my children with correct information about sex before the television, radio or music gets to them first.

The 2 books I read in college to learn about sex are the Joy of Sex and How to Make Love to a Man. Two other popular books today are listed below as well. I have skimmed those at my local bookstore. Books are fine but real talking with understanding would have been better for me.

Parents need to talk with their kids. I just wish mine had done a better job.


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