June 05, 2004

I' ve Seen a UFO Ship

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I've seen a ship. A real UFO ship. That is my story and I am sticking to it! It was the spring of 1979, my first year of college.

I was visiting a friend of mine at her campus--the University of South Carolina. We were walking across campus around 7:00pm on our way to dinner. The sky was dark and clear. It was a cloudless night. I have always been a stargazer so as we walked across the bridge that took us to the cafeteria I was looking up in the sky. I noticed a small elliptical object hovering in the sky. It was very bright-much brighter than anything else in the sky. I at first thought it was Venus but it seemed to be in motion. I stopped walking and looked really hard. It was in motion.

I asked my friend to look in the sky as I pointed to what I was looking at. All of a sudden before she could even look around and find what I was pointing at, that ship winked out of sight. In the night sky it was about the size of a penny. All of a sudden it just streaked away until it got as small as the head of a pin, then got smaller and was gone. Just like that! It just winked out of sight. In less than a second.

My friend did not see what I saw. It was gone to fast. I know that whatever was in that ship knew that I saw it and did not want anyone else to see it, so it left. Ever since that day I have had this odd feeling that that ship could come back for me at any time. That feeling has never left me. As I read books and information about aliens and abductions after that day I came to realize that aliens are real.

There is no way I can believe, when I look up at the night sky and see that sea of stars and vast darkness, that our planet earth is the only inhabited planet. That is impossible. Now I know there are lots of skeptics out there but they are real. Things like UFO insurance are bogus. That is not going to help you when they come for you. I also know that they are walking and living among us everyday to study our interactions. I can tell.

Ever since that day on that campus I have felt a certain connection or knowing about aliens that the average person does not feel. I have even come across 2 aliens living as humans. I could tell by the eyes. Their eyes were not exactly human and were to me very startling in shape and color. I never let them know that I knew. Who knows what would have happened to me. One I met soon after I got back to my college campus. This was an older woman who was taking the same dance class as me. We even did our project together for our final grade. Something in her eyes always unsettled me. I was sure she was not human when we were rehearsing our moves in the auditorium. I was adjusting the lighting a floor above her and she was down on the floor rehearsing a move. She looked up at me and smiled. Her eyes changed. They changed to a swirling red, the likes I have never seen before and have never seen again.

I was instantly terrified but did not show any fear. In fact, I just started talking about any subject. I wanted her eyes to go back to semi normal. They did in a second or two. That smile never left her face. The other thing that bothered me was that she had no transportation. I had a ford falcon that I was driving at the time and she always wanted me to take her home. I did as I was the type never to say "no" to anyone about anything at that time. I felt she was sent to watch me.

We got thru that class and I discovered she had left an umbrella or an article of clothing in my falcon. I called the number I had for her and it was not in service any more. I even went by her place where I had been dropping her off and she was not there. I knocked on the door and was told she did not live there and noone there had ever heard of her or seen her. I even described her physical condition. Noone had ever seen anyone I described. I was really freaked out then but I knew she had come to be sure I was not spreading the news of what I had seen. It was just like she vanished into thin air. I even asked the professors if they had seen or heard from her recently and noone had. She just was not seen again.

It was many years later I met another alien living among humans. We worked at the Estee Lauder counter together. She was a dark haired beauty but her eyes gave her away. She had the eyes of a Siberian husky. We worked together for 3 years but I never and I mean NEVER got used to her eyes. I tried looking deep into her eyes many times to see if there was anything normal there but I could not get past those eyes. They were alien. In addition she was a very unsual sort of person as well.

Her eyes looked exactly like these except they were on a human body.

Can you imagine these eyes on a human?? These are her eyes exactly. We never had any problems. I made sure of that! I met her in 1995. I guess I am not due another alien shadow for awhile yet.

Aliens are real and are living among us. I have seen a ship and have met two living among us as humans. Yep..that is my story and I am sticking to it!






  1. im guessing you smoked drugs in '79?

  2. Heck No! I have never done drugs ever! I just know that in the world as vast as this one...checkout the sky at night. There is no way we can be the only one small inhabited planet out there. No way!

  3. Hey man im sure you are right because i have seen 2 ships in the sky also. and i am 100% sure. one time it came down on a field and blinked then flew away slowely upp in the sky. and another time i saw something bigger by the woods ibeside a villige i ran towards it and the street lights died i got scared and ran back home

  4. Dr Rob Johnston8/16/2010 06:32:00 AM

    From Dr R Johnston(docrob44@btinternet.com) You have been very lucky in that your aliens have been benevolent.Last Thursday I was waiting,in my car, outside the dentist's surgery in Gairloch, Scotland. A blonde woman got out of a car and started walking towards the surgery. Just as she was about to turn into the door, she turned to face me and shot me a prolonged and evil stare. Her face was transformed into a triangular skull like shape, with what looked like shooting rods emanating from it. I felt a tangible force of energy directed at me, which I think I was able to block,and I glared right back at her, but this encounter left be shaken and with a sense of all pervading evil. When she came out of the dentist's surgery, I maintained my own fixed glare on her face, but she would not look at me. I don't think there are any humans who could do what she did,so I can only assume she was a malevolent alien. Now I find myself afraid that it,or worse, will happen again, and I want to let anyone know who will listen,as soon as possible. It has destroyed my peace of mind. Rob Johnston

  5. I know that we can't be the only planet with living beings. But how can you tell they were aliens? in people's bodies. I don't believe that they all the abduction and probing stuff people talk about.

  6. It's hard for people to believe and harder to understand but I as only one person know what's out there. And expect to be laughed at made fun of and put down..I don't even know how to let you all know what I seen and don't know why I seen what I did.. I understand how people feel that have never seen anything in there lives.. And I know how the ones feel that have.. I can only say... One day every one will know the same thing.. I even try to pretend they don't excist with all reasoning to play along.. But I have to say.. I know I have seen and they are more then your thinking ability Can handle.. It does not matter what anyone says.. It's not important.. What's really important is what I know.. How strange and how important would it be if you seen them your self in real life.. And you just got laughed at.. But we expect that from some. You know I know. Hummm