June 29, 2004

Riddle Me This!

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

If you could go back in time and pick one person that you wanted to beat up on the playground, who would it be? No last names...... please ..no last names.


  1. Brenda. She was the meanest bully in the school.

  2. Heya, just a random passer-by.
    Well, I'd like to beat up loadsa kids. Most of all i'd like to beat up some kid at College. Bloody hell, he's getting on my nerves!
    If i had to choose a kid back from the tinsy years, i'd pick this kid called Danny. Oh, that booger used to be such a big bully!

  3. Frantz... who still thinks women are meant to cry for men.

  4. Hey you have a great site...I love the questions!

    Sherry...she was stuck up and thought she was better than everyone else!

  5. I had to answer this one...It's going to sound mean but I would beat up the entire "special class" at my elementary school. Yeah...that's right...the class with all the retarded kids. And I'll tell you why. One day they all came up to me with the boys gym coach in tow while I was being the kickball outfielder. When I turned to my right, I saw them pointing to me. The gym coach was yelling at me like a drill sergeant and I had no clue why. They accused me of some abuse and I got physically yanked off the field and screamed at by the coach. The retarded kids needed a scapegoat for something and since I was the nearest, being alone out there in the outfield, I served their evil purpose. I used to bother to talk to them. Alot of kids wouldn't. I never made fun of them. Alot of kids did. After that, I never spoke to them again. I no longer cared about them. The worst bully on the field was dependable because you knew what to expect. But the retarded kids were liars and betrayers.

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