September 02, 2004

Don't Wear White After Labor Day!

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Don't Wear White After Labor Day!

That has always been the fashion rule that I grew up with. White was able to be worn on Easter Sunday forward until Labor Day. You could not have anything white on after labor day..not even an accessory like a scarf or a purse and definitely not shoes. There were a lot of fashion rules around when I was growing up and my parents, particularly, my mom had to be sure that I made a good impression. I was a reflection of her after all.

I found a listing of fashion rules that I was raised with and still adhere to for the most part:

10 Fashion Rules Made to Be Broken

  • 1. Never wear white after Labor Day. (Winter white is here to stay.)
  • 2. Athletic shoes are restricted to the gym.
  • 3. More than three pieces of jewelry is obsessive.
  • 4. Skins such as suede or leather are restricted to winter months.
  • 5. Wear velvet only in the evenings.
  • 6. Sleeveless is to be worn only in the summer.
  • 7. Black is inappropriate for weddings. (Today even bridal parties are wearing the color.)
  • 8. Pastels are only to be worn by women.
  • 9. Underwear is never to be seen. (Madonna broke this rule for instant fame.)
  • 10. Only sizes six and under look fashionable. (Tell that to Star Jones, Carmyn Manheim and model Emme.)
    Reprinted courtesy of The Chicago Collection, 2003

Other rules I grew up with are:

  • Don't wear red if you're a redhead.
  • Don't wear horizontal stripes on your bottom half.
  • Always match your handbag and shoes.
  • Don't mix patterns.
  • Blue eyeshadow is soooo over. Never touch blue eyeshadow!
  • Don't wear stockings with sandals.

As the results of these rules, I had lots of "outfits" in which a shirt and a skirt or pair of pants were bought together and they were always worn together. There was not alot of mixing or matching and even if I tried, I could not. The clothes were not able to be mixed or matched. It just did not look good.

Coworkers last year, a male, in particular had on a pair of white pants the week following Labor Day. Boy did they hear about it from me...but I was not alone. Several people informed them that white was a fashion nono after Laboy Day. It fell on deaf ears after awhile. The more people mentioned it that day, the more defiant they became in defending what they had on that day. Needless to say, they never wore white anymore after that...until the summer of this year.

What do you think? Can you really wear white after Labor Day? My vote is a big, fat NO! No white after Labor have had all summer to wear white.

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  1. yes that completely makes sense. Let's restrict people's personal clothing choices and individuality because of a ridiculous fashion rule. In fact, lets just have everyone in a uniform of grey forever, much easier that way.

  2. I agree. All of those rules are old-fashioned, out-dated and will be completely forgotten in 20 years. The empty tradition rings hollow and superficial. I don't understand why some people feel that they can tell other people how to dress.

  3. I agree.. You should wear whatever you feel regardless to color as long as it is appropiate and not offensive to others at the work place or for gp reasons. There is no law to wearing white after Labor Day this is just ridiculous.

  4. I have to be in agreement with the white after labor day rule. it is what i grew up with. a woman can to work today with a white skirt on and within 15 minutes there were 4 women screaming at the top of their lungs about the "white after labor day rule." i was one of the 4. crazy!

  5. A lot of these rules just don't make sense. I've also heard, "Don't wear pink if you're a redhead." Well, I'm a redhead and I wear pink and red with impugnity! Also, I actually prefer to wear white in the winter. I match the world that way.

  6. What's wrong with tradition whether it makes sense or not? That's what is wrong with the world today - nobody cares about tradition! There is nothing wrong with following etiquette and trying to preserve some dignity and tradition. I for one do not wear white after Labour Day nor do I wear black to a wedding!

  7. i think that you should wear what u want! people shouldnt judge you by the color of your shoes!! if u believe that u shouldnt wear white after labor day, then dont wear white after labor day! its simple. just dont expect others to not wear a certain color for a reason that hasnt even been found!!