September 06, 2004

Free Gmail On Labor Day!

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Please leave me a comment as to why you want GMAIL.

No begging!

Then leave me your name and email! These inivites multiplied overnight. Instead of 2 I now have 6 to give away!


Wendy: your invitation has been sent to you.

Valkyre: your invitation has been sent to you.

Now I have 4 left!

4 left!

4 left!

hikari: your invitation has been mailed to you.

3 left now! 3 3 3!


  1. Ok, here's the reason: My old e-mail has been filled with spam, and I seriously need a new one. Even when I deleted my old e-mails half the memory was still gone.

    My email's

  2. Oooh... Gmail...

    Why I want Gmail: Basically, Hotmail reeks. Gmail has more storage, which is excellent because friends frequently email me pictures which I am not keen upon deleting and Hotmail gets angry at me for. Besides, I get junk mail on Hotmail, and hopefully won't get much at Gmail... maybe. But no deal, I'm in it for the storage!

    -, Kodey

    All hail people who give out free Gmail invites!

  3. I need Gmail because I'm the only person who it seems doens't have it and I'm a trend whore who needs it. No, actually I need it because my old email won't accept my password and my new email won't activate until my old email is confirmed and it's just a big mess. My only hotmail account keeps getting junk (over 50 a day!) and it's just so annoying. My [working] email is