October 07, 2004

Satellite Radio and Howard Stern

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.


Where has the time gone? When I was a child most radio was on AM with a few FM stations. My parents had a very large HIFi in the living room that we listened to music and radio on. Then radio became all about FM stereo and AM just about fell off the map. It became less music and the majority of talk. I had a small red transitor radio that was in the shape of a red dice. At that time it cost about $50 because of the shape and I got it for my birthday. Wow! Was I excited. That red dice radio is still at my parents house. My father never got rid of it and it still works today.

In middle school I got my first record player. Yes, records still existed. I had that record player for a long time. I spent hours in my room listening to that radio. Talk shows from California, music and public radio every Sunday. They had a scary radio show on every Sunday that I listened to. I will never forget that.

I also had a cassette recorder. That was big then. The next big rage was the 8 track tape. I never had that and my parents did not either. We still dealing with the big HIFI and when it broke my parents got a stereo. The 8 track era passed my family by. When I went to college I took my first stereo with me. Back then electronics seemed to be more sturdy..none of this software glitches and progran errors. Electronic equipment lasted a long time.

The age of the Walkman took over and portable cassette players followed after that. Enter the age of laser discs which seemed to be very fleeting. The world of CD's took over. Records became nonexistent. I have not seem a record in a store since my college years in the 1980's.

Soon after, portable CD's came into play. Enter the age of computers. They were not equipped for music in the beginning but eventually they were made with CD players. Internet radio emerged. DVD's came onto the scene and they began to play music. Cars were equipped with cd's and cassettes at one time. Now I mainly see cd's and the movement for dvd's is happening now.

Mp3 files have almost made the CD obsolete. I personally got my first mp3 player about a month ago. How small it is compared to my portable CD or cassette player. It holds alot more music that a cd can play at one time. The future of music is everchanging.

I was listening to my radio on the way to work and heard the announcement Howard Stern made about leaving regular radio and moving to satellite radio. Radio from the stars! The sky and apparently space is no limit to radio. Howard Stern--he is the man---is moving to satellite radio. He plans to the pioneer of satellite radio...Sirius in fact. I have seen the ads when I google up Howard's name to be the first to sign up for satellite radio with Sirius. I also hear that now satellite radio is coming in all new cars.

My car is a 2002 and it does not have satellite radio. I guess I am officially out of date. Since I must keep up with my man Howard, I will have to get on the satellite bandwagon as well.

Howard Stern going to Satellite radio!!!!



  1. Love your writing. hope u ended up getting Sirius. It is so awesome. The music & especially Howard. Im listening to him right now. ;c)