November 21, 2004

Thanksgiving Past

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.
Third grade..or maybe fourth.

I remember my neighbor and I used to play together all the time with Barbie's and other dolls. We used to skate outside in the street as well. She loved to cook and she cooked with her mother all the time. She could make a complete meal just about by herself. One afternoon I was at her house and she was making dinner that day. She prepared rice and gravy, green beans and she fried what she called a chicken. That chicken was golden brown and the entier meal looked good. She got me a plate and she after me, she got a plate of food for herself. Her mother was not at home..she had gone to a meeting of some sort. Her father was at home and he was in the den watching the tele.

We dove into the food but had the the most difficult time with that chicken. It would not cut with a knife. You could not bite it and it was as tough as old shoe leather. I had no idea what was wrong and neither did she. She went and got her father and he looked at the meat.

What had she thought was a chicken:? A turkey. My friend had cut up and fried a turkey. There was not any way to eat that. The good thing was I could go home and have dinner with my parents and it would be something my mom cooked.

The joys of cooking...hard lessons learned at a very young age.


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