October 27, 2005

What WAS That?

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Do you believe in ghosts? I do. I think I see them out of the corners of my eyes. Not always. Just sometimes. Always down stairs in the den near the tv. There is frequently something moving past me and I see it out of the corner of my eye. When I try to look at it directly, I see nothing. But something is there moving. Sometimes low to the carpet/ground, sometimes in mid air. Moving slow but normally a quick flash right by me.

I remember whenI first moved into this place 11 years ago, I was still in the process of moving in and unloading boxes, all of a sudden the room kind of filled with static? If that makes any sense. Not static I could see, but static I could hear. Crackling noises. I saw big things moving out of the corner of my eye along with the static. Wierd.

I am glad that is all I see. I have had my share of seeing things. When I was a child, I saw lots of things and spent a lot of time in fear at night in my mother's house. Things lived there. Things not so good. Things not so bright. When I was little something spooky my way came...the thing that was darker than dark haunted me for a long time at night. I am so glad that is over! You just don't know.

Excerpt from a past post about the thing that was darker than dark.

In addition, there were at times when I would wake up and the room would be in total darkness--which it should be as it was night, but...big but...there would be a shadow of a body or person that was even darker than the room standing over my bed. Right over me. I remember thinking I was still dreaming and would blink my eyes to clear then but the figure never left. It was darker than the room that was in pitch darkness but
I could see it because it was so much darker than the room. I called it "the thing that was darker than dark." I have come to learn it was a shadow ghost.

I began sleeping with the bible and praying for a long,long time before going to sleep. I would sleep with the bible in my hands and would wake up with it still there. This went on for about a year. I began to sleep with the light on and would be fine until my mom would turn the light off. I would wake up later with the thing that was darker than dark standing over me. It was like he was waiting. Waiting for me to make the least mistake and maybe then I really would have my head spinning around in real life like Linda Blair.

One night or very early morning I woke up in the darkness and the thing that was darker than dark was right over my face leaning down over me. I froze and did not move. I closed my eyes and prayed. Everytime I opened my eyes it was still there. I lay frozen there for about an hour. I turned my head ever so slightly to the left so I could see my clock. It was about 4:30am. It was summer and I knew daylight would be coming soon. I did have the bible in the bed with me. I decided to move, turn on the light and read the bible. Maybe that would make it go away.

In one quick move I sat up, turned on the lamp next to my bed and began to read the bible out loud. I read the bible outloud until the sun came up. Once the sun was up I read outloud for another hour. I then turned off the light and went to sleep in a sitting up position. After that episode of reading the bible outloud, the thing that was darker than dark, that had been standing over my bed each night for over a year never came again. I never saw it again.
When we moved into the house I grew up in with my parents, we found out AFTER the deal was final that the prior occupant killed himself in the house. Gun, blood everywhere. Suicide. It was a troubled place. At one time I truly believed my mother was possessed. Something would come to her at night and she was like a crazy person at night. That was when she would verbally and mentally abusive me. The hours from midnight to 3am were not sleeping ones for me. All of a sudden I would be awakened by my mother. She would flip the overhead light on and the fun would begin. I would look into her eyes and not see the eyes of my mother. Instead, I would see glowing red eyes that changed. Sometimes they would be hers, but mostly at that time, they were the demon's. I know she was possessed. She was crazy! And I am not making this up. She really WAS possessed. Those eyes had a red glow.

I vowed never to ever sleep in that house again when I left. I did not for many years and when I did I never slept in my old room. Things seemed to calm down in the house. Things are still there though. I remember coming to the front door and standing on the stoop a few years ago and hearing footsteps from inside. Well I thought that my mom or dad had seen me drive up and was meeting me at the door to open it. The footsteps stopped at the door but the door did not open. I then heard a child humming a tune...not a tune I had ever heard before or could ever imitate. I peaked in the front window as the grandkids were there.. maybe it was one of them. I saw noone.

I rang the doorbell and in a minute the door was opened by my mother. All had been in the back of the house. Noone was up front near the door. Not anyone human that is. Later that day I observed my nephew smiling and waving to absolutely nothing in the hallway as we all sat in the den. (the humming child?) I asked my mother about it and she said she had seen him do that as well. He was smiling and waving to something we could not see quite often and he was not old enought to tell us what. I just prayed it was nice.

Yes. I go believe in ghosts! They are real. I also think that there are angels watching over us as well. When you get that feeling that something is not right or you may be in danger, go with that feeling. That might be an angel or a friendly ghost watching over you.



  1. Hi, interesting. I;m 47 now but when I was 21 I had a simular experience with the crackling thing.I was reading some spiritual things and the bible at the time when I felt sleepy. It was 4:30 in the morning. I got in bed to sleep but then felt wide awake and somehting made an impression on me to go out and start reading again so I did. A short while later i heard a noise in the corner of my apartment where I was sitting that seemed like there was a bird or mouse in the wall. But upon further observation the noise was the crackling noise. I couldnt see anything so I stood up and walked towards it but it moved down the wall and out into the living room constantly making the static noise. I went to the phone top call someone but klept getting i was dialing a wrong nimber. while at the phone it moved back to the original place. I approached it again and it moved away but not as far cause I backed away. When all things were said and done I experienced what I feel lots of people experience a wonderfull feeling of peace. Tears streamed down my yeyes and My mind was on a very high plane of clarity like i could remember really well. I.m just finding out that there are other people who have encoumntered this noise from some kind of spiritual being. I always think of it as an angel but not sure what source tho. I'd be glad to hear more if anyone wants to feel me in on more. Ive had some more paranormal experiences as well.

  2. gary,k at least yours seem to be a friendly experience. my was scary and quite terrifying.