November 07, 2005

Odd Sunday

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Sunday began just like any other Sunday. I had some friends come in from out of town on Saturday so I had overnight company... a friend from high school and her teen daughter. We went to dinner Saturday night and they planned to go to church with me. We got up and went to church. "B" went with me to adult sunday school and her daughter "A" went to youth sundeay school. After that we went to service. I am presbyterian. My friend is catholic but has been attending a presbyterian church in her area on and off. She lives about 3 hours away.

Normally , every Sunday after church the entire congretation is invited to go to the fellowhip hall for fellowship. We have cake, cookies, punch.. you know. Everyone stays long enough to have a little refreshment, talk and socialize for a few minutes and off we go. Well, the four of u swer having cake and talking when all of a sudden a little boy who is autistic or retarded..he has some sort of mental handicap, came into the room from the playground area. He is about 10 or 11. Normally one of his parents is with 2 steps of him at all times. This time he came barrelling in alone and he looked wild eyed.

He approached the cake table and just jammed his handright into the side of the chocolate cake. I looked around. No parents and noone really noticed what he had done. Most were standing in groups of 3-4 talking. He was right next to us so there was no way we could miss him. His hand went up. I thought he was going to jam the cake to his own mouth.

Instead he turned around and howled and his hand went up over his head, very spastically and then all of a sudden he took two steps toward my friends daughter, "A", and smashed the cake into her forehead. We--just kind of froze in shock, eyes wide open. Time seemed to stop for a few seconds. There was "A" with a large piece of chocolate cake glued to her forehead by the icing. It did not fall off. Then all of a sudden his mother appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him. He yowled loudly and fell on the floor. His mother literally dragged him out to the playground area again.

"A" and "B" tended to the cake. "A" pried the cake off and put it put it on a paper plate. She has long blond hair. Luckily her bangs were pulled back. She has frosting in the hair near her hairline. I had been drinking a glass of apple juice. "B" used my apple juice like water to clean the chocolate frosting off "A"'s face. "A" who is 14 took it all in stride. I apologized, told "A" and "B" that he was disabled. They said it was okay. Next thing I saw the father of the handicapped boy run outside. They were both out there with him.

A few minutes later mom came in and apologized profusely to all of us. She said she had no idea he would do anything like that. Well that is where I have a problem. If you know your child is autistic or handicapped and prone to acting out he can do any crazy thing at any time. He should not be left alone. Supposed he had a fork or a sharp knife instead of a piece of chocloate cake? He could have really hurt of killed someone being out of control with no supervision. Mom said that they most likely will not bring him back to fellowship seeing how that happened. Other members of the congregation then began to come over and hoped that my friends would visit the church again. "B" and "A" both said they would. I felt really bad. Who would think that crazy, embarassing thing...getting smashed in the face with a piece of chocloate cake..would happen at church. At Church!

Well, we got through that, went to lunch and had a great time. They left after lunch and I was alone. Resting. I was so very tired from staying out with my friends at dinner on saturday night. I wanted nothing more than to take a nap. I got home and was just about to go to sleep when the phone rang. Who was this disturbing me? I started not to answer.

"Molly is dead." That is what I heard on the other end of the phone. Molly was dead. I was flabbergasted. Molly was my grandfathers dog. My grandfather was just admitted to a nursing home for the rest of his life last month, so there have been some major family adjustments going on. He had a dog that we my mother took in to keep and take care of. Molly was an outside door when she was with my grandfather. He is 92, not very active, almost blind so that dog did not get the best of care. She was outside all the time, no shelter from the rain, dog food getting all wet when it did rain.. bad. We did not know he had a dog. He was estranged from us. The Legacy of Sharpness will refresh your memory about him.

We took in his dog 8 months ago to get her out of that bad siutation and took her to the vet for the first time.. and it was determined that she had a bad case of heart worms. My mother put her on medication. The doctor said it was a bad case but felt that she would recover. We think that is what killed her. When my mother took in Molly , she was totally unsocialized. She was skiddish and had very little human contact. Noone could get near her. She did not know how to play with a ball or a dog toy was. They were completely foreign to her. She had never been around any other dogs. My mom has a lap dog.. a pomeranian. Well those two became the best of friends and where you saw one you saw the other. Molly learned alot from my mother's dog. She became more social and learned to play. She even ventured into the house every once in a while. We came to love her in the 8 months we had her. We spent alot of time working with her to help her overcome her fears. She had come along way.

She was truly happy. I believe that in the 8 months we had her, she was the happiest she had ever been and came to know what it was like to feel and be loved. So I feel good that she had that before she departed. On yesterday afternoon Molly was found in my parents back yard passed away. She must have died sometime during the night as when she was found, she was covered with flies. Or rather all her openings were where the flies gathered. Flies were in her ears, on her paws, flies filled her mouth and were crawling all around in it. A carpet of flies were underneath her tail in her anus. Death had taken over her beautiful body when I finally got to my parents house.

Mom was upset and crying. I was holding back tears. Poor Molly, she only had happiness for about 8 months. I just wish she had longer time to feel what it was like to be loved and doted on by an owner. My mom was so into taking the dogs to the groomer for baths and perfume and getting their nails polished. She dressed then in clothes and sweaters in the winter.

My father put Molly's body into a black garbage bag so that they could take her to the vet today... this morning. They had an autopsy done so that they can determine if it was the heartworms or if someone had poisoned her. I am pretty sure it was the heartworms. Mom is too. Mom is having Molly cremated and placed in an urn to keep on the mantel. She will continue to be with us.

I will sorely miss Molly! I know she is happy now in doggy heaven. I know she had a little heaven on earth with my parents and me before she passed away. I just wish Molly had more time to be happy.

Her tail is wagging so fast it is a blur!

So Sunday was a very odd one. One major bookend happened in the morning and another happened sunday afternoon. It was a very odd and sad sunday. I do not need another one like that for a long, long time!


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