November 18, 2005

Russell Simmons the "Yogi!"

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Who knew? Who knew that Russell Simmons did yoga? I just happened to be up late on night this week and was flipping thru the channels and foun dhim doing an infomercial. I was shocked. He is a yogi! Rapper turned yogi!

I was intrigued so I did watch some of it. The program looks pretty good.

Russell Simmons the co-founder of DEF JAM Records and founder and CEO of PHAT FASHIONS, brought hip-hop culture into American mainstream, and now he does the same thing for yoga. Russell Simmons has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and now he wants to share this spiritual and physical discipline with you through YOGA LIVE™. His exclusive YOGA LIVE™ system will help make over your mind and your body.

I have a pilates tape by Denise Austin that is pretty good and a yoga tape by someone else. I cannot recall who without getting out all the tapes to find that tape.

I do love all my tapes and DVD's by Billy Banks . I have all of his stuff from the very beginning. All the vhs tapes from the first and then Tae-Bo II on the dvd. He is good! Try him out. Out of all the tapes and dvd's I have, I like him the best with Denise Austin 2nd. I have most of her stuff least 8 of her tapes.


  1. Yoga sounds wonderful. That picture looks like pain to me.

    Love the new design. Haven't seen anything like li!

  2. thanks! i will try this design for awhile. i change about 2 times a year.