February 20, 2006

Monsters at Walmart

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

There are monsters at my Walmart. I see them every now and then , when they decide to show themselves to me. It all started about 6 months ago. It was evening, dark and I had just entered the Walmart parking lot. I was traveling about 8 miles per hour looking ahead when my attention was diverted upwards. To the roof. Up on the roof mounted near the front of the store are cameras. Those cameras are always up there. I guess that is for shop lifters. If they actually make it out of the store, I guess those cameras can pick up on car and liscense plates for tracking.

The night was clear, a few clouds overhead with no stars visible. For some reason something told me to look up. I did. I caught the glimpse of a shape that suddenly scurried out of my view. I looked back to the lot and then looked up again. Nothing. Was that an employee? Was he adjusting cameras? What was he doing on the roof, at night? I did not think much of it....that time. Maybe a hunchback was up there. I thought of Notre Dame.

About a month or so later, again I was traveling in the lot and again I looked up and saw a shadowy figure scurry out of my view. Fast. It was not like an employee getting done with a project and walking away. It is like something/someone not wanting to be seen and rushing away. I began to think that it was not an employee. Does Walmart hire someone to spent their shift up on the roof everyday? Manning cameras? Seems unlikely to me and this was at various times, always at night.

Then odd things began to happen inside Walmart. I would get a feeling that bad things were around. The hair would rise on the back of my neck and I would get a really odd feeling that evil was around. First I would shrug it off. I do have an active imagination. But that feeling would not go away. It would be so strong, I would have to leave the store. I felt in danger and that I had to go.

I still continued to see "things" up on the roof. I decided that I would look around the next time I felt that "feeling" when I was shopping. One night I was in housewares near the door mats, looking at mats. Mine was worn out. That feeling came over me. I looked around and did not see anyone in the immediate area. I pushed my buggy out in the main aisle and walked slowly down the aisle looking at each side aisle. I passed the first one after the floormats where the towels were. Noone there. I walked to the next aisle and there was a woman looking at merchandise. She was a young black woman who appreared to be in her 30's. I looked at her briefly and she looked up at me. Her eyes were glowing red. Like bloody half moons on the bottom halves of her eyes.

I was frozen in time for what seemed like an eternity. She still looked at me. I left my buggy in the middle of the aisle and left. Was she dead? Was she a ghost? I do not know. I only know she scared the shit out of me. Am I a ghost whisperer? I don't know. I was freaked. Once I got home I decided that I had imagined the whole thing. I put it out of my mind.

A few weeks later, I was again shopping in Walmart and was walking down the aise near the lightbulbs and the hardware department and I saw a young black man standing next to a woman with a buggy and he looked at me. He was dressed in saggy pants and some sort of striped polo shirt. Again the glowing, red demonic eyes. I again immediately. Now I thought that these were ghosts or something. After doing searches over and over again for glowing red eyes. I believe that these were shadow people. Especially the thing on the roof. This also happens at home. I see things moving out of the corner of my eye. It is unnerving!

I have read that shadow people are attracted to people but are they also attached to places? Are they attached to the local walmart? Or just me when I am in walmart? I have seen the glowing red eye people a total fo three times. The last time it happened was about 3 weeks ago.
I felt that evil feeling and I saw a small child with glowing red eyes down one of the aisle. I started to leave the store. I had just passed her aisle and turned back to really prove that it was my imagination. I backed up about 4 steps to look at her again and she was gone. There was no mother or father or anyone else in the area. Just her and me and she had vanished.

I was at Walmart just last night and again the thing on the roof caught my eye. I stopped the car right there and stared at the roof. No other movement once that thing winked out of sight. I asked at customer service if there was someone on the roof as I saw someone up there. They said noone would be up on that roof.

So what is it? Is walmart haunted? Am I? Why am I seeing shadow people and why are the eyes always glowing? Frankly, I just want to see other Walmart shoppers and nothing else.


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