June 24, 2006

Taking Advantage

Why is it that some people think that it is ok to take advantage of others.  Take today.  I was working my part time job that I work sometimes on the weekend and a coworker literally spent three hours on the internet instead of working!  Boy was I frustrated.  I even composed the following email to management but decided not to send.  It all worked out.  One of the assistant managers addressed the employee and it was all good after all.  Until the next time!!  He is notorious! 
Now I love XXXX to death but today I am not so thrilled.  I got here at 9am and that was really his signal not to anything else for the rest of the day.  It is now 11:34 am and from the time I got here, literally all he has done is sit at the side computer and play on the internet.  I have done all the work so far which have been 4 clients and assisted just about all the clients who had questions.  His computer use of the internet needs to be addressed.  He is abusing that privilege and not doing any work.  If you want to get on the internet all day, then he should do that at home and not even bother to come to work.  He does not work when he is here. 
This is not the first time.  It happens all the time when I work with him and I have heard others say the same thing.  I am to the point where I feel the need to say something.    
Well delete it went! Why is it so hard to rat a friend out?  He is my friend but he is a bad coworker!  I feel guilty about sending the email because i do not want to loose a friend.  The thing is, work is work and friend or not, if you are ar work, then WORK!   Why do I feel guilty still and I have not sent the email?  I was the onw working for both of us!              


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