August 03, 2006

Chasing Sunsets

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I spent about 30 minutes chasing the sunset trying to get a good picture. Unfortunately I did not take this one. I wish! Mine would have been better. Driving on the highway there was no way I could stop and get the perfect picture. The perfect place for me to be able to get the perfect shot was on top of an overpass--a busy one at about 8pm. The lane on the right side of the road was a little narrow. I guess I could have stopped but it would have been hazardous. Plus, getting back in the flow of traffic would have been hard.

What I did try to do was get on and off that exit several times hoping there would be a little break in the traffic where I could pause the car and snap a picture. The traffic was just too busy. Then I noticed the sun began to dip faster and faster. The fourth time I made it to the top of the overpass, the sun had dipped beyond the horizon and the clouds all had a grey lining. Darkness was coming.

I had missed it, but I snapped a picture with my mind's eye. It is an indelible one, forever stamped in the camera that is my mind. I took that picture out and looked at it today. The one here is no comparison.

Tomorrow is a new day. Another chance to chase the sunset.


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