August 27, 2006

Has Survivor Jumped the Shark?

I just saw an add for the new upcoming season of Survivor.  It will be divided by race.  I have loved the show from the very beginning and  have even fantasized about trying out for the show.  I have often thought that there was not enough diversity on the show.  I have often thought that there should be more of  mix of people instead of the majority caucasian show members.  America is one big melting pot after all.   
My solution would be to have more diverse people on the show and not necesarily divide the contestants by race.  Is CBS clutching at straws now?  The show is still a big hit.  This season will be controversial to say the least.  According to Jeff Probst, the show has always been a social experiment but this division, I am not to sure about.  In the end they all will merge and become one tribe.  It will be intersting to see of the groups still say in their race alliances after the  merge.   
For the 13th edition of the show, there will be an Asian-American team (which will include Lake Forest resident Jenny Guzon-Bae), an African-American team, a Hispanic team and a white team. Eventually the team members will unite to form diverse teams.

"The idea for this actually came from the criticism that `Survivor' was not ethnically diverse enough," host Jeff Probst told Harry Smith of CBS' "Early Show" on Wednesday. "I think it fits in perfectly with what `Survivor' does--it is a social experiment. And this is adding another layer to that experiment, which is taking the show to a completely different level."

I will digress here but I only remember  one African-american that was a total embarrassment. I will have to go to the CBS site to get his name, but he was on the show with Rupert--the first time.  He was well built, has lots of muscles, good looking but he was the one who quit the show.  He decided that it was not for him.  He was an embarrassment.  What did he expect?  My god he was only going to be gone for 30 days or less and  he could not survive that long.  He would be back to his home soon enough!   

I remember him bitching and moaning that he was sick, and his body could not take it.. He looked fit as a fiddle to  me.  I remember him talking about killing a pelican.  Like he would really do that.  He could not even catch a fish.  I guess he was mentally  weak because he sure had the body for endurance.  My mother was just so disgusted with him!  With there being so few of "us" on the show, why quit when you have the chance?  It can be a stepping stone to other things.  You never hear anything about him either.   I wonder if he is forever scarred and know as the "brother who quit survivor?" 

You know what?  I do not think I will find out his name.  It deserves to be forgotten!  Quit survivor?  What the hell was he thinking????          





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