August 01, 2006

Smelly Wars

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

We just got an email at work stating that all staff should refrain from wearing any sort of perfume or cologne because 2 people have allergies and get headaches if they smell perfume. Why do 2 people now control the perfume habits of almost 100 people in the office? That does not seem right. Now we have always gotten this sort of email for years. I have always ignored it because those 2 people do not sit near me or work in the same area as me. There was even a time in the beginning when I thought this was so wrong that I would put on en extra dose of perfume before going to work.

I still think it is wrong. Now I am now in a office closer to one of these very "nasally frail" people and I put on some hand lotion (quite far away) last thursday and managers sniffed me out until they found the offending smell. Air currents from the air condition travel far and wide. I was reminded that some in the office have allergies. That hand lotion was particulary fragrant. It was the Savannah Bee Magnolia Hand Lotion from Bath and Body Works. I guess I will have to only use that one at home.

Now there was a time some years ago when the "nasally frail" in our office demanded air filters. The company had to buy them. They looked like white seal-a meal machines that sat on their desks. It filtered the air around their desks and kept the air around them perfume free. One of them still use it. Will I continue to use my perfumes and lotions? Yes. I have invested too much in smelling good. I have many bottles of fragrance and many selections of fragrant bath gels, soaps, lotions and splashes and all sorts of mists, oils and cremes. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars of fragrance. Who can pass up a sale at Bath and Body works? I sure can't. I keep that company in business.

My thoughts to the nasally frail? Bring your clothes pins to work. Be prepared to use them on your nose!


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