November 19, 2006

Ebay Bid Wars!

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I have not been on EBay in about a year. It is too addictive and I was bidding and buying on all sorts of things I did not need! It was the joy of winning an auction. Now it was hard to wait till teh lat minute to bid but that is what I used to do. I would add the item to my watch page and when that auction was seconds from ending I would bid a high bid. One that noone else would bid and I would win. I won most of the time. Others I just did not have the timing on bidding right and I would loose out on some very wanted items. I think I had the timing right about 50% of the time.

It really was a "high" to win. I would tell my coworkers who sat next me what I won. "Did I need that thing?" they would ask. The answer was normally no. It was the winning of the bid at the last second. I think there needs to be an intervention for that!!! :) I talked to some other friends who said they do the same thing. We all have EBay Bid Addiction! LOL!

Well, there is some assistant with that now. Not on assisting those of us with "bid-at-the-last-second-itits" kick the habit. It is something that will assist us with getting that item that we really want. It is the sniper! I am excited. What can it do? Let me tell you!

It helps users in the following ways:
-Protects your bid until the last seconds to avoid bidding wars.
-It stops your competition from searching by bidder to see what you are bidding on.
-Users don't have to be at their computer to bid.
-Many more on site.
The service is free to try for 15 days to see how it works.

It sounds like it does all the things I was staying up till 2am or whatever wee hour of the morning for. With Bidnapper, you don't have to be at your computer at all hours of the day and night when the auction ends. You can sleep right through it. No more late nights. The Bidnapper service keeps watch over your auction bidding 24/7, whether your computer is on or off. Now that is something. I wonder how that works. When it is time to bid, Bidnapper submits your bid at precisely the right moment, so there is no time for your bid to be countered. Now that sounds like a winner!

I have stayed away for awhile and with Christmas coming, I have done a few searches for things I want to get for gifts for others. I just might download this program. It sounds like it might be my helper when it comes to shopping on EBAy! Try it! Get to bidding---quick! I bet you will not be sorry!


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