November 06, 2006

Eel Fish and Sinks!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

When I was in middle school there was a time when I had a parade of animals from cats, dogs, mice and hampsters to fish and birds. I had a lovely eel fish that I loved dearly. He was about four inches long and was beige and brown striped. Very pretty.

I was cleaning out his aquarium before school one morning and an awful thing happened. He slipped down the kitchen sink into the drain. I instantly became hysterical. I was crying like the world was coming to the end. Only a little water went down the drain with him so I was sure that he was still alive in the hook part of the pipes under the kitchen sink. My father and mother thought he was already gone.

I refused to go to school until something was done to get him out of the drain. I had to know he was gone for good. Finally when my parents realized my hysteria was not ending , but was in fact increasing. My father said he would take apart the kitchen sink and see if he was in the hook of pipe under the sink. He got out his tools and began to wrench and turn and unscrew and presto! The pipe came off. My father looked inside and there was just a little water still in the hook. In that little bit of water was my eel fish.

My father plopped him back in the the clean tank and I stopped the crying and eventually the hitching in my chest began to subside. My eel fish was safe and seemed none the worst for the wear. I was a happy girl. My eel fish was alive!

Now the sink was another story. The house we lived in was an older house with just an ordinary kitchen sink. It was a double sink. I am not sure if it was one of those Stainless Steel Sinks . My father was able to get it put back together but he was late. It came apart very easily, but it did not want to go back together with the ease that it came apart. My parents still have that house with all of its ordinary sinks.

When I think of sinks that I would want I think of pretty sinks. There has to be more than just the plain kitchen sink. I think I want the gold knobs for my home. (One of ladies at my church has the gold fixtures and it really makes a difference) I have always wanted that in my dream faucets for my sinks.

Who really thinks about sinks? Where did they originate? This is a fasicnating bit of info about the origin of sinks.

Probably the first sinks ever created were stone sinks. Ancient civilizations, including the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians had sinks made from stone. Although the materials are ancient, the designs are current and more popular than ever.
Have you ever thought of an exotic sink made of gemstones? Who would have thought? The thought of this amber sink thrills me. I love amber!

Exotic Stone Sinks

For your bathroom, choose a stone vessel sink made from a gemstone. Who else can say they have a sink in their home that is carved from amber and holds the remains of terrifically ancient insects? What better way to dazzle anyone who enters your bath by including a stone basin made from delicious turquoise or exotic lapis? Although these options are certainly not friendly for the budget, they are certainly one way to add a unique impact to your space.
More about stone sinks here. Other sinks making trends in home design are copper sinks,
pedestal sinks and vessel sinks. No matter what the sink or new trends in home design and sinks, the sink for me has got to be able to accomodate the occasional eel fish safely!


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