November 04, 2006

My Face! My Face!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

They say that as we get older adults and parents eventually change places. The children become the parents of elderly parents in failing health. While I am not there yet, I am well on the way as my parents age. And they are getting ill.

I think that biologically I have begun to change as well. My face for one. When I was a youth I had oily skin. I had hoped that one day that would end. Never! I have always had a problem with oil. I have tried all sorts of cremes and lotions from drug store to department store to control the oil. Not may things work. I have had some problems with acne---really when I get stressed. From the ages of 35-42 my face was perfect as far as being blemish free. Still had the oil but no blemishes. Then all of a sudden. BOOOOM!

Adult acne creeped up and tried to take over. I again frantically turned to all sorts of things, acne products to combat it. Nothing seemed to work. In sheer desperation I decided to go the mall and stop at the Proactive booth. That booth has been in the mall for about 2 years and I never stopped in. Now I have seen the infomercials on the tele but never really thought about trying it. I watched those ads on tv in the late hours of the night when I could not sleep. I was leery thinking it would be a waste of money but at the point when I hit that mall, I was thinking it might work.

This was about a year ago when I decided to try it. I bought the kit for oily skin and got a sample of the mask free. It was the best thing I hav ever done. It really works. I am a Proactive user and I swear but it. It works. Now I must say it is strong. Really strong. I started using it twice a week and built up over three weeks to everyday. My kit consisted of the wash, toner, oil free moisturizer, mask and one other creme that has does the repair. Iused it consistently for about 3 months and my problems cleared up. Now I do not have to use it everyday. Just when I need it or am stressed and having a few breakouts. They tend to last just a day or two instead of a week or more with an ugly pimple. It is the best use of $45 I ever had. The product works. It really does. You cannot go wrong with it. I just wish I have not waited so long before trying it.


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