December 20, 2006

Corned Beef Hash

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I went to a Christmas party tonight and all the food was gourmet. So gourmet, there were little Christmas balls that were card holders to tell everyone what the thing was that you were eating. It was all so rich and beautiful and foofoo. The food was wonderful. I am really all about foofoo, but sometimes you really just want to eat real food and chow down. Not just get a little dab of this and a little dab of that and move those little dabs around and leave half--good party behavior.

The best think I had tonight was a peice of hazelnut dome cake. It was to die for. But it was such a little piece. I will be trying to hunt down that recipe. But in the meantime, I just came home and I am hungry. Are you supposed to be hungry when you leave a party where there is tons of pretty food? well, I have the solution for that. Corned Beef Hash. I have opened a can, heated it up, covered it in catsup. Now that is a meal. My feeling of hunger is quickly leaving. Hungry after a party? Eat some hash. Really , REALLY hungry, have some hash and grits!

Tomorrow at work, we are having the same sort of party. I spent about $225 today on the corporate credit card to buy party food for the office. We plan to set up a snack area in the break room so people can get a little snack and eat at their desks. I bought all of my favorite foods. I got goat cheese, gorganzola cheese, brie, sliced cheese trays and some other sort of italian hard cheese. I got sliced italian cold cuts, spinach dip, marinated atichokes, olive tapinade, pineapple, strawberries and grapes. For desserts I bought a pumpkin cheesecake, tiramisu, key lime pie, caramel apple pie and a pecan pie. Sodas are the drinks. A little foofoo, I know. I hope that there is some left over. I get to take some home! Plus I can eat! No little dabs to move around on the plate and leave half. If I get a hunk of tiramisu, believe me I plan to eat it all!


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