January 16, 2007

Hidden Cameras

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I know in the age of technology, Home Security and better child safety, hidden cameras seem to be the thing to have to protect your child and check up on possibly bad child care providers. They can be overused and used for the wrong reason. For example this past July a man who is now suing a sperm bank because he discovered that there was a tiny camera in the ceiling above him. He was in the private donation room. ( Full story) . This man was aparently a regular donor to the sperm bank and felt that his rights were violated as to privacy. I would have to agree. Who would have thought someone would have a camera there?
I wonder if it was like the wireless camera above? I thought there were laws about this regarding private places...that they could not be used? After looking through some of the rules, it is forbidden and punishable by a fine and a short stint in jail. Is that a deterent? I am not sure. I wonder about hidden cameras on the job. Employers might think the have a right and apparently, they can do just about anything when to comes to hidden cameras. I do not think it is right for employeers not to disclose where cameras are. In this example, the employer could do whatever he wanted.

In a recent example, In July of 2005, a 2-1 panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a finding that the Anheuser-Busch committed an unfair labor practice when it installed hidden cameras in 1998 before bargaining with the union, as required under federal labor laws. The brewer had fired five workers in 1998 after Hidden Cameras showed the employees smoking marijuana in an area where workers sometimes take breaks at one of its St. Louis facilities. The example of the Anheuser-Busch case is relevant because that it touches upon all relevant issues surrounding not only privacy, but also privacy and surveillance in the workplace.

Anheuser-Busch argued that the cameras were a matter of internal security and that employees should not be awarded the expectation of privacy in the elevator, in motors room or the rooftop, which were not official break areas.

Well. DO not get the idea in your head that cameras may not be on you at work. I work in a place where security is an issue. We have badges to get in and out and all sorts of codes and with all our computers where are warnings within the computer that nothing is private, not the computer, not the phone..everything is open to be monitored or recorded. Now I do not know about cameras but there is an internal "police" system that monitors our computers at all time. Yep, big brother is watching, all the time.

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