January 16, 2007

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My child wants one of the most popular cell phones but I have been resistant in getting one for her. She has bene wanting one since she was 11. No. I think that is way too young to be responsible for minutes with a phone. For example, I made the mistake of leaving my phone at my parents one day about 2 years ago and she use up all my free minutes! In about 2 hours! I looked at all the numbers she called and she spent them calling my nephew on his cell phone. My nephew was in the same house with her. He was visiting from another state, so his number was a long distance number. They were both playing on the cell phones. I was livid. No phone for her yet!

Seh has asked for one often and has even gone so far as to pick out all the different models. Like the razor. She wants one of those now. Well. Before she gets one of those, I think I am deserving of a blackberry or crackberry as I have heard them called! LOL! I want to upgrade my phone too. I think I am sadly lacking in new phone fashion. According to the latest news from Wirefly, the most popular selling phone is the razor phone. If you are interested in that phone, Wirefly has one stop shopping plans for free phone and plans. I might have to check that out. You might need to too! I looked at some of the plans and the phones are actually free--free I tell you-- with a plan. You can't beat that.

I know I will have to break down and get her a phone. That might be coming for her birthday this year. Then I will change over to some sort of family plan. That will stop her from having "phone embarrassment" due to her mother being technologically out of date. I got her a track phone for a trip she was going on. Just so I would have a way to keep track. It was a school trip last year. Well later on she kept that phone and went to a concert in the city. Some young rap music groups came to town. She went and I had to take her and sit through that! Well, at one point in the show they asked the audience to put out their cell phone and hold them up as the song played. Just like the lighters I used to hold up when I went to concerts. ( Cell phone lights are not just quite the same). Well I will have you to know she wanted my phone. No was my answer. She had better hold up that tracfone. She did but said that it was not cool to hold up a tracfone. Who would know? It was dim and the place was filled with screaming, swooning 11 and 12 year old girls!

Well I know the time has come for us to get connect with a better phone plan that includes the entire family. Wirefly look out! As the #1 seller of cell phones and wireless plans, you might have 6 new customers coming your way! My chlid will be dragging me kicking and screaming into the age of new, sleek phone technology!

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