February 01, 2007

I Like Gefilte Fish --Really!

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Oy vey! Mom kind of left the dating field open for me. After I was nearing mid 20's with no prospect of a date meaning no husband and no grandkids, my mom began to tell me to broaden my horizons. I remember her telling me not to look just at black men, date outside the race if you have too. Just find a good man who cares for you. I did. I had done that before she told me that, as the black men I had been dating were total frogs and no amount of kissing would make them princes. In fact the best treatment I have had when dating has been when the man has not been black. He has been some other race.

In college I did date a nice jewish boy for a bout 2 years and I got very familiar with gefilte fish, matzah balls and Challah. I used to attend the Friday night services. At the time I was also working at a nursing home and I was the one who always assisted the Rabbi with the service for the residents. I used to be called a "Rabbanit." I did think it was an honor. Well, I did date this very nice jewish boy for awhile. He was nice and so was his family. Today he is a prominent attorney in my home town. I should have held onto him but he was stolen away by a blonde. They did not last long. He did marry a nice jewish girl in the end. I did see him a few years ago by chance in the grocery store and all those memories came back. For him too. He grabbed my hand and held it tight and told just seeing me was bring back lots of old memories. We chatted for a few minutes but that was all.

Looking for a nice jewish boy? I highly recommend it. This is coming from the voice of experience. Check out the Jewish Dating Service because you might just find a very nice man who will treat you right. I know there are duds everywhere but I have had only success with jewish men. The site is free to join and there is even a picture gallery so that you can see who is on the site. With your free membership you will have FULL access to all features of the site. You will be able to create a profile, upload photos, search for other singles in your area, email them, and IM other singles in your area as well.

I think that sometimes we need to scour the earth to find love. I think a site like this one will help with that scouring. You might just meet a friend or two along the way!

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