February 13, 2007

Insurance Crisis

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

About a month ago, I was hit by another driver. He backed very fast into my right passenger front door as I passed by the parking pace he was backing from. I was okay with everything at first because he admitted fault, the police were called and a report was written up. did he have insurance in the end? Hell no, he had no insurance. That made me furious. I pay my premiums month after month and there are so many people with no insurance at all wrecking into people with no way to pay for those losses. Of course I had to go back to my uninsured motorist coverage. I had a deductible of course that I most likely cannot get back from the man who hit me.

He needed to check out the Insurance Portal On Line. Maybe he would have been able to get some affrodable coverage. He told the police and I had ran out of money and let the policy lapse. The Insurance Portal is the #1 Source for Quotes for Insurance. He could ahve gotten a quote for auto insurance as well as home owners and life insurance there. They offer the lowest quotes on all types of insurance throughout the United States. If only he hadknown. He told the officer he would get some for future so that his driver's liscence would not be suspended, but that would not have helped my wreck with him.

He needed some liability coverage to cover my damages. Luckily I wss not hurt. I was just very annoyed. They have experienced professionals that can guide him through the process and recommend the best car insurance coverage for his situation. They would have been able to provide insurance policies and quotes for all of the major auto insurance companies. So he had options. He just did not have the funds. I see his car just about everyday and I am paranoid each time I drive by it. I keep expecting to see those backing lights coming very fast toward me. I hope by now he has gotten his insurance situation together.


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