February 14, 2007

It Has Begun

The delivery of flowers to others has begun.  I saw on the morning news that there is a movement called Un-Valentines Day for singles or those with no one to be all warm and cuddly with on this day.  You know the people cupid forgot!  One of my coworkers got dozen roses and two of the biggest helium balloons in the world.  I have not seen anything so huge in all my life. 

And not just one balloon, but two.  One is a giant ape about as large as an average person that says I am ape about you.  The other is a heart that is as large as the average person.  Must be nice.  In all these years, her husband has always done very well by her for special days.  This is a sad year for me.  With the death of my father I know my mother will be sad.  I will be making her a card to take over later tonight.  I know it will not be the same. 

Special days come and special days go.  They just pass me by. There is no one I guess who sees me special.  And it is not about having a pity party.  That is just the plain truth.  I mean I have guy friends who are dear to me and visa versa but do you think that they would think that this year, above all others that I may need a gift of flowers?  Most likely not. It would be nice to get flowers sometimes just to know that someone is thinking about me for a change. 

I was in the grocery store on Sunday and almost bought myself a bunch of cut tulips.  I needed flowers that day.  My mother and I had been to my father’s gravesite right after church.  They were pretty purple ones so representative of spring.  I put them in the basket and took them out twice and finally left them out.  They were only $8.00 but I just loved the color.   I do not know why every time a day like today comes along I get hope in my heart that I might get something.  It is almost like a bit of self torture.  There is no one but when I see all the deliveries for my co-workers coming in  a steady stream, I just want one of those deliveries to come to my desk.  Just once.         


  1. I hate valentines day too. All my life I've watched other people get beautiful things on days like today, wanting pretty things of my own, but never getting them.

    Now I'm married, and I still don't get beautiful things on days like today. He didn't even SAY "Happy Valentines Day" Although he did say, "Don't forget to mop the bathroom." Somehow I don't think they translate into the same thing.

  2. "Don't forget to mop the bathroom."!!!!!!!! Okay he would be sleeping in the dog house for about a week!