February 06, 2007

Italian Food

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My favorite restaurant is...no, let me rephrase that. One of my favorite restaurants is the Olive Garden. I just love their salad and all of their entrees. I have never had a bad meal there. Now the best Italian food I ever had was a small little restaurant located in chapel Hill North Carolina. I do not recall the name as I have not been to that restaurant in about 20 years. It was in a small strip mall right near where I used to love. They played Italian music and the atmosphere was very authentic.

It was my treat to myself. To go there every Friday night and eat the chicken masala. It was authentic and out of this world good. Consistently good. The waiters spoke very little English and it was clear that the food was home made. I was single and had no date so I used to go out everywhere by myself. If I wanted to go dancing or out to a nice restaurant I would go alone. I did not really look around much when I went there. I would eat and leave.

I then began to look around and I would see the same people sitting in the same booths all the time. The thing I finally realized after about 3 months of going there was that there were always just men in groups in that restaurant. The same men. Italian men in suits. I hardly ever saw couples...maybe a time or two and I finally realized that it was a place that I needed to really think about. What the heck kind of place was I frequenting? I realized it was "that kind of place" and that people in there were"those kind of people." The movie, The Godfather...It was not just a movie in that restaurant. It was real.

Slowly but surely I began to go less and less. (Fear of flying bullets) I finally stopped going but in all these years I have never forgotten how good the food was there. I have never had chicken masala that has ever tasted as good. I have spend the better part of 20 years trying chicken masala every place I go and no restaruant has ever even come close.

I guess I will have to go to Italy to get authentic chicken masala like that. I would love to see Italy some day. It is a beautiful place. I just finished watching all 3 movies of The Godfather last weekend. It is one of my favorite movies. I guess Iwill have to stay in some Italian properties . The country is just so beautiful that I would have not problem living there. Check out the properties. You just need to click one you like and select more information. You then email away for more information. The site has a team of professional consults with years of expereince to assist. They will assist with understanding the laws there about property owning.

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