February 08, 2007

Lovely Gifts

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It has always been a problem buying mothers day gifts . Now receiving them is something I like better. I love flowers and all sorts of things that smell good. I also love good things to eat. Take a gander at the gourmet baskets that area available. I would love one of those baskets. I love flowers but it gets old buying flowers for yourself and having them delivered to the office with a card that says, "From you know who." Yes I can be quite desperate on Valentine's Day.

Yes, I have done that. On more than one occassion. The last time was about 3 years ago. It gets very hard to see all those flowers that all my coworkers get from their husbands or boyfriends on Valentine's Day. Some years it had been so downright depressing that I had no choice but to buy some flowers for myself from a "mystery admirer." It made me feel special. At least in the office. My office would become all the "buzz." Who did she get flowers from? Did you know she was dating anyone? What did the card say? I would smile and say little to nothing. I would just bask in the glow that my imaginary significant other provided me that day. I would let the flowers stay in the office about 2 days then take them home. I love flowers so any occasion to buy flowers works for me as well. Flowers work better than "A boyfriend in a box."

Send me some flowers from Dot. Flowers. They have a wide variety of excellent flowers, candy and gift baksets and it will be all delivered with a smile and excellent customer service. I mean really look around. There is something for every occasion or holiday there. They even give a customer service guarantee with the flowers. If you ar not happy contact them within the first 48 hours, simply call and they will make arrnagements for a refund or a new selection. Who can go wrong with that.

I will be exepcting my flowers...please. Right on the corner of the desk! Don't make me buy my own this year!!


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