February 11, 2007

Opinionated People

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

What to do with opinionated people. I have a family member who discounts everything someone else may say if she disagrees with something and really believes it. In Church today someone who I had not see in about a years sat in front of me and after church said to me that they did not know that my father passed away in December. She said she only heard about it last week and expressed her condolences to me. Well, my mother later tonight said she did not believe it. Why? Just because she thought it up in her head. God that drives me crazy.

She also comments constantly on what is on the news and the TV. You can't even watch a show in piece without her constant comments. God how will I ever survive moving in with her? It is not going to be a pleasant thing. My only reprieve is that I can watch TV in another room and see the shows that I normally watch on certain weeknights. I do not watch much , but what I do watch I do not want her constant stream of crazy consciousness going on! I can't take it. She talks so much you cannot even heard what the people on the TV were saying and then she asks me what they said. Did I hear? Hell no! She was talking so loud no one could hear. How do you tell that person to just shut up? I have tried in so many subtle ways. Nothing works.


  1. place your index finger on your lips when you watch tv to signal that you want complete silence.... and dont look at her at all but gaze at the tv,,, she will get the hint,,, if not , then tell her,,,,
    "can you do me a favour ?
    she will ask ..what,,
    then you say,,, please shut up, i want to watch tv"