February 07, 2007

Time Just Keeps On Ticking...

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

At work our managers have a way to manage productivity. They do time management studies on the employees. If y ou are having trouble managing your desk, you have to do a time study. Evey second of your day must be recorded with the time. And you have to do this for a week so see what and how you are managing your desk. They have done it time and again and the people show a little improvement but not much.

I think our managers would benefit from an actual time management program. This manual thing they do is hit and miss. The key to time management is to realize that you cannot possibly do everything that there is to do; instead, you must consciously choose how to spend the limited amount of time you have each day. I guess this is what the managers are trying to get is to do..become aware of what we do every second of the day. There is even a time mangement mini course that is free that might give me some idea of my time now. I think I might just check that out.

We do need to make the most of each day. I bet a lot of us wake up and just squander time. We cannot get time back so we need to make the best of each moment.

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