February 27, 2007

Young'uns Today and Money

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Today is a whole new world when it comes to managing finances at an early age. When I was a child the family finances were not things that were discussed with kids. Children were to be seen and not heard. I know that my mother--and she still is this way today--kept everyting a secret. She purposely would not tell you anything like she had so much. Finances were not discussed, budgets, assests. None of the things that rule the world now. So I grew up with not a clue about money and sure enought when I got on my own back in my early 20's things headed south pretty quickly. I really think she did me a disservice by not teaching me how important it was to manage your money. I think that this is a trend in the black community stemming from our beginnings as slaves. We had nothing and we were so out of the mainstream due to Jim Crow and oppression, it was hard. Being in the money or in the know about money was not our history.

Today things are different. We have a chance to teach our kids how important financial stability is. If you are messed up with bad credit, you are hindered when it comes go getting loans for homes, mortgages and cars. The very first thing young adults get is a car to get around and with that comes the need to have car insurance. I remember my first car. My parents co-signed and I paid for most of it. When I got into trouble they had to bale me out.

Through lots of trials and errors I have found my way financially. Thank god because having no money in a bank account is no fun. An I am talking about the checking and not the savings. Savings account was gravy after all the financial upheavals got worked out. Now I have lots of plastic and have put myself into credit card hell this past christmas. I am working to get rid of that debt. Having a sound financial future is very important. It paves your way through life and the life of your children. If you get that straight, all the other things your might have to deal with may seem small and manageable.

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  1. yeah i agree with you. Now a days young generation has no time to spend their time with the family