April 24, 2007

Mac Poker

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Cards have always been a mystery to me. The most I can play is Uno and Moose in the House. When I was in college lots of my college mates loved to play cards. I could never get into it. and poker. Poker was something really out of my territory. Today with our fast world, poker and other games are not played sitting around the table with friends. They are played on line.

Check out Mac Poker. This is a site that actually compiles all the best places to play on line poker for MAC. Some of the sites are just free but on others you can actually bet the farm if you wanted to. To get you started the site actually notes some basic steps to getting started. First you have to register or sign up, then fund your poker account and it playtime.

Mac Poker has teamed up with Fultilit Poker and Bugsy Club to offer poker bonuses. It is all about getting free cash in poker rooms. For those poker enthusiasts, the site offers lots of other great poker links and after reading a bit, I see it is still a work in progress. The webmaster is working on a section that will highlight the lives of famous poker players. So check out Mac Poker. It will save you mac players lots of time as you will have this great resource right at your fingertips!


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