April 17, 2007

The Monday-tude

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Every Monday evening I attenda bible study with some women from my church at one of their homes. Since it is at someones home it technically is not a part of the church. It is private. Well, my mother seems to be having a problem with me going. It started over a year ago when I joined . She began to complain that she did not want to keep my child on that night so I could go. She just decided that out of the blue...just to see if I would stop going. Well the place where it is is about 5 minutes literally from where I used to live. My child was old enough and I was only gone for about 2 hours. The decision was made that she was to stay home by herself so that I could still attend. She was 12. Now she is 13. Well we have moved in with my mother since my father has died and she has come at me with a new angle about the Monday group.

Barnes and Noble to look around and I ended up having a coffee by myself and getting a new After the study which is about an hour, we socialize and have dessert. Each of us bring a different dessert each week. So it is the bible study and the fellowship and laughter of being with those ladies. We have a good time. Well, when I get home now it is about 9:30 pm. If I stop at the Barnes and Noble it will be longer. Maybe around 10 pm. Well, last night I did go to theCD: Rodrigo and Gabriela. They were playing it on the PA system and I just had to have it. You need to check it out as well. Great guitar!

I am going on a trip to Brazil this summer so I ended up getting a tutorial CD of 40 lessons on basic Portuguese. When I got home there she was watching the news and asking my why her group has to last so long. It has nothing to do with her. She is not a member and the issue of her keeping a small child is not the issue. She is 13 now and was already in bed when I got home. I simply said that it did not last long and kept right on walking to my room. She just can't see me doing anything. She always wants to try to spoil it for some reason.

It gets old. Very old. It is very old when you own mother wants nothing good for you really. On the outisde and to the public people can appear one way. But it is not real. The real person comes out when the public or others are not around. That is the way that evil works. Evil is a coward.


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