May 10, 2007


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Customer relationship management or crm is one of the keys to success when it comes to sales. Companies sometimes spend thousands of dollars implementing CRM software, but often times many of the features are not utilized. Aimpromote goes a step beyond just the software. They are actually setting new standards that are changing the ways that businesses manage their sales teams.

The system can be tailor made for your business so that the sales process is more automated leaving the actual business of sales to the employees. How? Well in two main ways. They are with the sales management features and the sales force automation features. With the sales management feature it will allow you to take a snapshot in time of your entire sales force to see who is excelling and who is not as well as where and why.

With the sales force automation features, the system generates automated tasks based on sales or that leads condition or status at the time. Employees are free to work leads rather than a lot of smaller, mundane tasks. It is all about the bottom line and the bottom line is sales. Aimpromote takes the best part of CRM and systematically shifts the focus from applications to following leads which in turn generates sales. You can't go wrong with that!

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