May 10, 2007

The Fish Are Biting!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I was at the beach one summer in water that was about knee high. I was standing up. I sat down. All of a sudden I was surrounded by fish! Fish that were biting me over and over. They were grey and about the size of my hand in width and length. I jumped up screaming and ran out of the surf to get away from them.

Normally fisherman are trying to find the fish. The fish don't just come and find them to be caught. Now that day, I wish I had a pole with me. If you are a fisherman with bad luck, you might need to check out the products offered by Raymarine . I think that if you did use some of the electronic plotters and/or navigators fishing might just be easy. They offer some of the best, time tested brands out there that will surely give peace of mind while you are out on the open sea, or lake or river. I think that these "fishing toys" would be beneficial to everyone, whether the professional bass fisherman or the weekender out in his boat fishing.

They have all your needs whether it be a compass, batteries, a radar or a GPS. They have it all . The fish are biting. Just make sure they are biting at your line. Check out the Hummingbird or the Furuno Fishfinders. The Furuno Fishfinders range from $216.00 right up to the deluxe model for $2730.00. So all budgets can be accomodated. The Hummingbirds are just a little less, but not that far off in price as the Fururo. The products found at Raymarine will help assure that the fish are biting your line and not me. The best thing about it is that they are also at a great discounted price.


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