June 21, 2007

Keep Learning With No Break

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I really feel that the best way to get an education including a graduate degree is to keep going and don' t stop till you get it all. Otherwise you will be like me wanting to get a graduate degree now in my 40's. I just wish I had gone on and attended grad school right after college. Well, that is water under the bridge now. For adult students like me, there are many schools with adult education courses. So I do have the opportunity to go back.

One such school is Capella University. They have an online degree program that is accredited nationally. They offer full graduate programs in business, information technology, human services, and psychology. They have all I would ever need as far as getting started. Their actual mission is to extend high quality degree programs to adults wanting to obtain master degrees. This will allow me to go off in a new path. I want a new direction.

My mother said that no matter what happens in this world, an education is something that noone can take away from you. Capella has learning on line that fits when my schedule allows. I can load up programs, study and take test 24 hours a day. Capella currently offers 82 graduate and undergraduate specializations. I should have no problem improving my marketability in the work force. I might just get a few extra benetfits also. If you waited like I did to engage thoughts about graduate school, wait no longer. There is a way to go to school now as long as it is something you really desire.

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