July 31, 2007

Jungle Fever?

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I remember when Jungle Fever came out some years ago with Wesley Snipes. I think that was a Spike Lee joint. Since that time interacial dating has become much more prevalent. That says something for our times. Seeing where African-americans were killed for just looking at a caucasian woman not too long ago, times has changed. There are places were that can still happen, but the lines on dating and race have become blurred. I think in some ways it is a good thing. Now there are even interacial personals on the web. Who would have ever thought when you review the history of America?

As far as dating, there seems to be a shift of black men toward other races. I think that black women are left with very few black men to date so...time to look at other races. I believe that as long as someone respects you and treats you well, the color does not matter. So sign up for free and create a profile. That will allow you to search for prospects in your area as well as browse all the pictures. If you do not find a soul mate, at the very minimuim you will find a lot of new friends. Interacial Romance in the number one interacial dating site on the web. You can't go wrong with that.

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