July 09, 2007

Math Challenges

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Third grade was the undoing of my math career. I had a horrible teacher. I know she was bad as my mother was a school teacher. My third grade teacher did nothing except sit at her desk and read novels. She did not teach us math at all that year, so when I got to fourth grade I was at a great disadvantage.

I changed schools and ended up having to learn basic things like the multiplication tables that I should have learned in the third grade. I ended up having another student who was really good in math sit with me and she acted as my math tutor. I thank god for her. She helped me make it and as you can guess, math was never my best subject. It was always a struggle. I believe that
math tutors are critical in a child's educational development if there are skills that they are lacking. Without those missing skills, you really can't go on. They are the foundation for everything else to come.

Back then, which was in the late 1960's we did not have a great educational center like Score! Score! Educational Centers have been around for the past 15 years and has been catch up and get ahead in those skills they are lacking. They work with kids in grades K through the 10Th grade providing personal coaching, a standardized curriculum and positive reinforcement, so that they can achieve their full potential. Score! is a growing network of centers that has improved the education of over 250,000 children so far. As a result they are recognized by their peers as one of the top tutoring service providers.

Don't leave the education of your children to chance. Take an active part. If your child is experiencing difficulties, consider Score! Give them the fighting chance to succeed in our ever advancing world. Education is the key to success and it is something that noone can ever take away from you once you have it!

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