July 25, 2007

Taking Over

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Last week one of the things my mother said or rather yelled that I should be taking over the house now since my father died. That is a double edged sword. She says that but at every opportunity she is constantly saying that this is her house and this is her this and this is her that...and that she wants things done the way she wants them and on and on and on. With her trying to still control everything there is no way I can take over. As it is, this does not feel like a home. We can't move a chair or throw anythig away or do anything with anything that belongs to her without her permission, so a lot of things do not get done. I have tried to take the initiative several times already and she says things like I am trying to push her out and then of course everything becomes hers. She is very insecure. So very insecure and bitter. Maybe even going senile because things seem really off now. It makes me wonder why she is so old and mean.


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