September 07, 2007

Back Again

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

It has been awhile. I have been busy with being busy. I have been job hunting and trying out various things here and there. Some new things are in the works. But whatever I do, I will be grateful that I will be out of the house. I think that my mother needs to find something to do with her time. She has focused all her negative energy on me. She says that I do not do anything fun with her. How can you do anything fun with someone who is always saying rude, insulting things to you? You will do as I do. Take them to run errands and shopping as needed. But fun stuff? No. No reason to try to do anything fun as she is not fun to be around. Just the necessities. She can't get that for some reason.

She can't get that if you insult someone for no reason day in and day out and with no cause at all, that that person would not want to be around you. All my things are still in storage. This is not worth it. I may a monthly fee to keep my stuff, but I really want to move out. There is no comfort here.


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