August 27, 2008

Web Hosting....Maybe Soon!

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Often I think that I need to move from blogger and have my site hosted. I do love blogger but when I look at opportunities on the web, web hosting would open that up for me. It is something I have been debating for the past year. It is still under review. It is something I know I will eventually get around to doing. There are so many hosting sites that you really do need to do the homework to figure it all out. I know I will need to do mine. With the help of web hosting rating you can compare and study the different hositng sites out there. This site is great because it allows you to do an easy comparison of sites all in one place. Prices are there as well as the features that each offers.

Another great feature of the site is that it is an independent site providing the rating for the top 10 hosting companies on the web. There are even customer reviews from real people telling what they like about each service. Even what they dislike about the service. They look at standings in customer service, technical support and reliability, just to name a few. It will make the decision about what hosting company to use much easier. You do not have to search the web for each company and do your own comparison.

If just doing a comparison of different companies is not enough and you really need more indepth information, there are articles and tutorials to help with your basic understanding of the whole "hosting" concept. This is where I am in my decision. I need to read all about it and see exactly how it all works. Check out this article section for a wealth of information. I really liked this post on tips for choosing a domain name. I have already looked and some versions of "hodgepodger" are already taken. Just a few months ago they were still open so some others have beat me to the punch. Maybe if I had seen these comparisons sooner I might have been able to finalize my decision to host or not to host.

So, if you are thinking about web hosting, check out this site first. It will clear the web hosting fog and make things crystal clear! Web Hosting Rating has been around since 2002 providing this service to the web.


  1. That was a very informative website that you suggested. One thing to keep in mind is a lot of hosting providers will offer monthly incentives to host with them. That is what I did. Found the host with whom I was going to join then found a vaild incentive to save even more money.