September 22, 2008

Friends in Debt

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

About 6 months ago a friend of mine and a former co-worker just walked off the job one afternoon. She told me she was leaving and just left. Gone. She was tired of the job. It is a very strange job that we have. Odd. About a month after she left she called me in tears needing money. She was just a co-worker. Not a friend. She had a son who was 8 and after speaking to her I decided that I had a little money I could part with, so I decided to loan---really that means give her $150.00. Only because of her child. He might be in need.

After I gave it to her I found out that she had gotten rid of her perfectly good car and traded it for a very expensive BIG truck. Okay. I figured that I would never hear from her again and I have not. It was like she racked up all these big debts and she had no job. Her boyfriend did not have a stable job either. I know they are in need of being able to consolidate debt. They lived in drama mode 24/7. Always a crisis. Always about money.

There are ways now to help with personal debt. I tried recently to reach this woman and her phone was turned off. I wonder it they still have that truck or was it repossessed? If you or I am in trouble there is now help with consolidating debt. is the way to go. With so many options from credit counseling to debt settlement to refinancing of a mortgage, there is a way out. There is a debt relief glossary to help you understand what each option entails so that you can make the decision about what to do. They even have a debt relief bootcamp. I know we have all be in touch with what has been happening in the financial world in the past 2 weeks. Things are falling apart! Saving money is a vital necessity we all must strive to do.

When I think of my former co-worker I think the best option for her would be the credit counseling. An expensive truck with no job to pay for it does no good, just because you MAY have had the good credit to get it at that time. That good credit of hers is most likely gone now. She needs to live within her budget and money or lackof money coming in. She has a child to think about. He does not need to be all caught up in her bad financial decisions and drama. has something for everyone. It is a resource to help us find, learn and save. It is a way for us to have a better understanding about money and provide a ways to save for a rainy day. With all the financial bad buzz out now, I would recommend that everyone take a gander. We all may be in dire straights given the economy.



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