November 12, 2010

All Wistful and Melancholy!

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Last night I was in the grocery store... just making a quick run in for frozen chicken tenders to go with the potatoes I had at home and from a distance I saw my old fiance who I was engaged to for seven years. We have had some contact in the past year. He claims to still have feelings for me and says that he is sorry that we did not work out. To me he seems stuck in the past and I keep telling him to come into the year 2010. 1977-1985 are long gone.

Well last December I saw a girl from high school who was a year ahead of me working at kinkos and we began talking about different people just trying to catch up. She mentions him and tells me that he is seeing her sister. Well I believe her because her sister is fast and loose and just has the look he would like. Well in all these months I never mention to him that I know this. The only thing I did about a month ago was ask him if he was seeing anyone because he keeps aksing me to go out with him and I always decline. The answer is no.. he is not seeing anyone. Liar!

Well I say nothing. Last night who is he in the store with? Her! The sister of my friend. I see them from afar and immediately go to the check out. I want to get out before they see me. Failure! They get to the other check out about 4 minutes after me but my person is so slow we are all side by side. I pretend to be engrossed in counting out my money. I never look up and as we are leaving the store who comes literally running over to me...the sister.

She and I have been friends and worked together for 3 years in the past so I have no beef with her. I know the type of person she is. My old fiance..she points remember Peter. Yes and I wave and smile. So does he! Loser! I was tempted to call him because he calls me all the time. I did not. I will not. I will let that go. People are in your past for a reason. I must remember that because I thought that there maybe a future somewhere for us. Finding long lost love again! All last night I felt left of center and off and sad and wistful and alone. I have no one really right now and seems like everyone I know has someone!


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