November 12, 2010

Paint and Polish

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Every since I was a teen I have worn makeup. Very different than my mother because she wore very little. Said she could not find the right shades or colors. Still can't. When I was a teen I thank goodness for my girlfriends who love to go to the make up counters at the major department stores. That was how I learned about the right way to wear it and skin care as well.

I started out with Charles of the Ritz in college and loved it. There were not a lot of colors for women of color except for Fashion Fair. Unfortunately that brand did not work for me. It was way too oily. In college and beyond I graduated to Estee Lauder and even worked for tthen for many years as a beauty consultant. I just love there make up and it was a good thing that we were able to get it free since we worked for them. It sure is pricy and today I cannot afford it. I used too until about 3 years ago. I love the line but it just costs too much now. I have move on to MAC now and I do like that line very much. I have been using it for the past 2 years.

Now I find out that there is something that I need to look into and it is called NARS cosmetics. I have not heard of the brand before. Nars was developed by Francois Nars, a makeup artist and photographer. The line has been used by many in the fashion and entertainment world. When I look at my makeup table I find I have lots of lipstick. I am always looking for the perfect shade and texture of lipstick. Lipstick by NARS comes in a multitude of shades and in three basic formulas. They are satin, sheer and semi matte. I am a semi matte person myself. I tend to be oily and will shine at the slightest thing so matte in lipstick is great. One less things to shine when the nose is shining! ! They are long wearing, moisturising and all at a cost of only $24.00. Compared to other major lines the cost is in line with them.

At night and for going out I do like to shine just a little so in the past I have used lip shines and even some lip lacquer. Lip lacquer by NARS can be used day or night and are available in sheer colors that can be worn alone or over other lipstick or liners. 11 shades are available and they are even good for the lips as they contain vitamins and oils. After checking out all the shades, Diablo would be the shade I want! Pretty, pretty!

When I was much younger and first thinking about wearing makeup as a teen I wore lip gloss thinking that lipstick was too heavy. I have followed thru with this belief to my child. I have a teen and for now she only wears lip gloss and loves it. It is all she needs. The NARS lip gloss is made in creamy, sheer and semi sheer formulas. It too, can be worn alone or with other lip products. I see about four shades that I know she would love.

Christmas is right around the corner and I have learned that to avoid the holiday rush, on line shopping is the painless way to go. Something new would be to try the NARS line for Christmas for both me and my daughter. I would like lipstick and that gold single eye shadow that is part of the holiday collection. I know my child would like the lip gloss! I am writing it on my list!


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