November 13, 2010

Satellite TV: Tv with a Kick!

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My TV at home is just regular TV. I do not have cable. I got rid of that years ago because with our busy schedules that cable was going to waste. Do not get me wrong. I loved it when I had it and loved the variety of all the shows. With the change recently to digital, I just bought the converter hd antenna and that is what we have.

When I go to my mom's house(when she is being friendly) my daughter and I do love to watch her TV. She has Direct TV and has what seems like a 1000 channels. Her is definitely the bomb! It makes me think I need to break down and get satellite TV. There are a lot of shows I am most definitely missing out on. I mean what is not to like? Every 8 seconds someone decides to get Direct tv and they are the number one satellite provider in the country! Holding that title is no small feat.

They offer 160 channels in high definition and local tv satellite in 95% of the local markets, wherever you live. I got that for christmas we would have all the movies we could possible watch, sci-fi channel and I could catch up on some of those reality shows and dramas that are on the cable and satellite channels. I know my child would be happy!

Right now for the holidays there are web specials that offer 130 channels for only $29.99 per month with free Showtime, free HD and a freeHD DVR upgrade! Wow! Checking out the prices and getting a quote online is easy. Just follow the links and make the selections you may want and a quote will be given on the site. You can even order on line!

I do believe that is the way to go. The stats speak for themselves. Compared with Comcast customers, Direct TV customers expressed higher customer service satisfaction for the past 9 years in a row. The company is determined to bring the best in satellite TV quality that technology has to offer. I am thinking about it! Christmas is coming. Ordering Direct Tv would be a great gift that all in the household would love!


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