November 13, 2010

Snake Wines

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I was watching Globe Trekker last night on ETV. I love that show and it was one about the orient. The girl who was doing the traveling had the opportunity to drink snake bile, urine, poison and blood. How do you choose? She chose bile. After thinking about it I would too. It wouldl be the most familiar. She said it was just like if we had thrown up and you have that bitter taste in your throat. I think I could live with that. She only took a sip and that was enough.

I decided to google snake wines and I found out how and why it is done there. Large, poisonous snakes are put into rice wine to steep. Aparently the alcohol renders the poison inactive and the flavor of the whole snake is seeped into the wine.

Ido not know about you but that does not sound good to me! The article indicates that as far as the other bodily fluids, they have to come from a snake that is just killed and the fluids put ina shot of alcohol. It needs to be drunk immediately. I wonder if it would be toxic if you waited! The man at the asian market on the show explained that snake wines and fluids were good for the health. Yikes! I just do not know. I am all for trying new foods and things in a foreign country but some things seem like you are flirty with getting sick. I mean supposed you drank the poison and had an allergic reaction to that??? Then what?


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