February 06, 2012

The Big Game

Each year the "big game" comes. The super bowl. While all of America paints their faces, chooses sides, makes wagers and starts grilling and cooking and drinking for the big game, I wonder what the excitement is all about. I guess it is me. I am not a "sports person." Ever since high school sports really have been a mystery to me. I went to my homecoming football game my senior year just so that I could say I went to one of them.

My junior year, I let one of my friends convince me that I needed to follow her and go out for the basketball team. REALLY? What was I thinking? I was cut on the 2nd day. I could not keep up with all the running. Thank goodness. I may have gone to 2 basketball games just because my friend did make the team.

As an adult I grew farther and farther away from sports. I have dated men who were into sports and those sporting events have been very trying times. You have to get excited when there is no excitement to be part of the crowd...especially when some of the other guys who have girlfriends really do like sports. I learned. I learned fast where to yell and when the clap and when to yell so that I can fit in. So what if I am 1/2 second behind. Everyone else is too busy jumping and hooting and hollering to notice me!

So now....I go to super bowl parties each year and while I do not enjoy it much as far as the game is involved, I go for the friends and the food. With the game, I fake it. It is only once a year that I have to act like I enjoy sports. It is just for a few hours. One of these days I will get someone to explain the game of football to me. Maybe it would make more sense as to who was doing what on the field. Just maybe!


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