February 18, 2012

Fandango Coupon Codes

I do like to go to the movies but nowadays they can be a real expense.  Between the cost of the movie and popcorn, candy and a drink, you can spend at least $20.00.  That is just too much for a movie.  I do try to reduce the cost in any way that I can.  I will try to always catch the matinee because it is a few dollars less.

I always carry a big purse, so my water bottle, coke and candy bars go with me.  Sorry, but the candy at the dollar store in the box is EXACTLY the same that you can get at the movie counter for $3.50.  So drinks and snacks go with me always now.  My daughter is now doing the same thing.  She carries her water or soda and candy in her purse as well.  Yeah...I know.  We not proud.

On occasion for some of the more popular movies like Harry Potter, I have bought advance tickets for them using Fandango.  I was going with friends and we just had to see that movie on opening day.  After checking out the Frugal Dad site, I see that there are fandango movie coupons available that offer savings.  Fandango has partnered with Citi Forward to offer a $50 credit if you use your Citi Forward card to buy Fandango tickets.

And there is more.  Citi Forward  is offering 5 thank you points for every dollar spent on movies.  These points are then redeemable for movie tickets and travel rewards.   If you transfer a card balance to the Citi Foward card or buy purchases with the card, there will be no interest on purchases made within the first year of the account opening.  How cool is that?  The fandango movie coupons are really providing a great deal!

The Frugal Dad has found this coupon and  other fandango movie coupons that offers 20% off $25 worth of tickets.  With a little foreplanning on your part and coupons from the Frugal Dad, going to the movies might just not be SO expensive.  Be sure to check out the site.  There are values to be had on lots of things  that many families can use during these "not so easy" economic times.  The Frugal Dad is there as a great resource to help the average person take a conservative approach to their finances.


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