February 27, 2012

Monday, Rain and the Ocean

I woke up today and it was Monday.  Monday.  The sun decided to sleep in.  There is no sun.  There is only the gray of a rain day.  Rain.  Rain on a Monday dulls the senses of most.  But not me.  Rain on a Monday is fun.  It makes me think of ocean times.  Not the sunny ocean.  The gray stormy one.  Waves cresting and daring you to come in.  Daring you to come in to your death. Those are the waves on Monday when it rains.  The ocean gets sick on rainy Mondays.  It spends that time fed by the wind, crashing itself upon the shore and vomiting  up treasures from the deep.  I love to look at what was left behind after the drunken binge of the wind.  Sand dollars, special shells, star fish and other things thrown up from the deep.  Treasures of the sea we normally do not see.  Monday and the rain brings up treasures from the deep.


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