May 07, 2012

New Egg

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Have you heard about New Egg?  Take a visit to newegg for deals .  New Egg is a California based electronics supplier.  They have lots of discounts and promo codes that will let you save on some of the most wanted electronics available.  For example there are codes for use now that will allow savings on hard drives, desktops and additional memory.  There are even savings to be found on Sony, Verbatim and Casio products. Be sure to check the site regularly as the codes and products are always changing based on inventory on hand.

New Egg sells everything from computers, printers and handsets to refrigerators, wireless adapters and flashcards.  With so many products that  they carry, it would wise to check newegg for deals  often! There are even daily deals and even a sales section.  Right now you will find coupons deals for free shipping on selected name brand products. There is free shipping on a 46 inch, high definition Sony television.

An item on sale with  a coupons for even greater savings is the Hoover upright Wing Tunnel vacuum cleaner.  This vacuum has a coupon for $20 off AND free shipping is included. You cannot beat that!  What I mention here is just a few of the items available on line.  Convenient for us people who do not live in California.  The other option to take advantage of these bargains is to visit a New Egg location in person.  The company has been around since 2001 and has earned a great reputation with Forbes and Computer Shopper.

All these great coupons, promo codes and sales can be found in one place compiled by the Frugal Dad.  The Frugal Dad is a site that makes it easy for the average family to live within their means by offering these fantastic coupons.  We do not have to look all the time, the Frugal Dad does that for us.

Electronics are the wave of the future and the technology can make these items pricey.  Deals at the New Egg and certainly can make them more affordable.  Take me for instance.  I have yet to upgrade to the LED HDTV's.  I still have the old one with the converter box for the antenna because the HDTV's have been out of my budget.  Especially when they first came out.  The prices were high because the technology was new. It is nice to know that when I am ready to upgrade I will be able to find great deals on name brands at New Egg!  Shopping on line and having the ability to access the coupons makes shopping on line easy as pie.


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